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Folklore (n) | folk·​lore | \ ˈfōk-ˌlȯr \: Traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances, or art forms preserved among a people.


Texas-based instrumental collective, Folklore, embraces every texture, tempo, and nuance of their art, discovered beyond the bounds of genre and infused with remnants of human experience.


Comprised of Joshua Muse (bass), Travis Wilburn (guitar, synth/programming, saxophone), and Jon Walton (drums/programming), the roots of the band can be found on a college campus, and have since ventured through side projects, metal bands, and different cities until its resurgence in 2018.

The fruit of their time spent exploring music together, and apart, led to a desire to break free of any limitations. Now, the band is simply driven by a mutual love of storytelling and a genre-agnostic identity.

"Our favorite part about playing music is the community — sharing stories, making friends from different music scenes, and gathering them together. Also, we all love folktales in that respect."

For Folklore, inspiration surfaces anywhere there is feeling, extracted from a riff or progression, their vast array of musical tastes, an existential muse, or the tangible feeling of picking up instruments and crashing sounds together with your friends.

"We love the feeling we get from playing music, especially together, and we wanna embrace the cliché and give people the joy we feel when we play."

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