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5 Ways to Keep Making Music During COVID-19

Musicians across the globe are undoubtedly feeling the effects of the current global situation. Social distancing is coming down hard on the live music industry, and it will certainly need some love and support once events resume. In the meantime, here are a few ways musicians can keep their music alive during quarantine:

1. Live Stream

It's no secret that artists have been able to advantage of the technology available today. Many are going Live on Facebook and IGTV, or hosting full concerts via Zoom so their listeners don't miss a beat.

You can also host AMA sessions just to connect with your fans, if you aren't able to meet and perform a live session together. If you just released an album, consider a virtual listening party, where you can answer questions and just hang out with your audience and get excited about your new music.

2. Write!

Who says you can't keep your album cycle moving during quarantine? While you're at home, spend some time writing new music or arranging your songs. Not only will this keep your skills sharp, it will also provide you with plenty of content to share online.

Sometimes, extreme isolation can suppress any feelings of inspiration or motivation – that's okay! Take care of yourself and keep a journal of everything you're feeling during this time and revisit those ideas when you have the energy.

3. Acoustic videos

Want more face time with your fans? Try an acoustic video of your most popular songs. This way, you won't have to worry about writing new material. Instead, you can repurpose songs you've already written and present them in a new way.

Acoustic videos are a great way to reinforce the connection your fans feel with your music. It's something familiar, but also something new – a perfect way to make them feel both excited and included.

4. Record demos

Another way to stay involved in the music industry while staying home is recording demos. Most laptops have a basic DAW included, or at least have the ability to run one that you've downloaded. Whether you record new demos or try your hand at a remix, your fans will appreciate that you want to keep things rolling.

And don't worry about making it sound perfect. Right now, fans know that musicians are limited in their studio resources, and many of them appreciate a raw recording for something different. Now is the time to throw ideas out there and test your audience's response.

5. Make a playlist

Finally, if you want to offer your audience even more value during quarantine, make a playlist for them to jam while working from home. You can include a few of your own songs, but also try to introduce them to a few new bands and new records out there.

This is a great way to get fans involved as well. Post your playlist on social media and ask for recommendations. Your audience will be encouraged to comment and engage with your content, boosting your online presence while also building trust with your listeners.

As artists, people will look to you when their world feels bleak. While it may not seem like it, now is a great time to take advantage of your role and position in your fans' lives. Get creative with technology and keep playing.


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