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(noise)letter: Busyness is Killing Our Creativity

'Tis the season – "BUSY" season.

Holidays, travel, family, end-of-year reviews, projects to wrap up at work. While we're trying to end one year well, we're also trying to get ahead for 2020. Sound familiar?

I'm notorious for this mindset this time of year. I'm also guilty of incorporating the word "busy" into my conversations way too much.

You know what I mean, when people ask how you're doing and your first instinct is to immediately respond with "busy." 😬

I'm learning that by keeping the focus on what I do instead of how/who I am...

  • I'm neglecting my own wellbeing by focusing on external factors in my life that I can control.

  • I'm prioritizing my list of commitments in an attempt to prove myself in the industry, most likely out of fear of rejection or failure.

  • I'm overloading my schedule as an attempt to find fulfillment, when I should be investing in relationships and creativity.

  • I'm using "busy" as a status to cope, to excuse me from pouring into my relationships, and to avoid organizing and prioritizing my to-do list.

Did I miss anything? I know I can't be the only one.

Personally, I'm working on shifting my response from one of fear to one of ownership. Instead of saying "busy" when people ask how I'm doing, I'm finding other ways to respond. "I've got a lot of exciting things happening!" "Thankful for so many opportunities." "Enjoying a full life with my band, my family, and friends."

I'm not one who can deny the truth, and the truth is, I AM BUSY! But at least this way, I can own the fact that I'm in control of my schedule and I actively choose this way of life because it makes me happy.

If you feel overwhelmed with busyness, let me encourage you, from one overly passionate heart to another...

Busy does not mean successful. Busy does not mean worthy. Your creative work deserves your time. Give it generously to your art and your people.

I know, I know...If you stop juggling now, you'll drop everything and it will all come crashing down (peaching to the choir here). I promise, if you commit to protecting 15 minutes here, an hour there, EVERYTHING in your life will adapt and adjust.

Your schedule is like a purse – go with me here – no matter what size it is, you will always fill it up. If you want to carry less, get a smaller purse. Most of the time, we don't even notice what we're missing!

Likewise, keep your schedule as open (or as closed) as it needs to be to protect your time, sanity, creativity, relationships, and wellbeing. It's amazing what we can still get done in a day when we make intentional effort to prioritize what's important and give ourselves permission to push the rest until tomorrow.

As artists, I know how hard this is for you. People most likely don't pay you to do the music you really want to do, so making time is something we're all super familiar with. This is true for you, too. Make time for songwriting, recording, even just jamming with your band. Those moments are precious and important and you can't ever get them back.

Your art matters. Do what you have to do so that you can do what you were made to do.

To your success, Naø 🖤

P.S. Did you choose a word for 2020? I love hearing about what people value and want for themselves, so please feel free to share!

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