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Post-Hardcore Band Honoré Releases New Single, 'Watching the Earth Breathe,' From Upcoming LP

MEMPHIS 16 April 2021 – The difference between existing and living takes shape under the cover of individual experience, in all its imperfections and diversity. For post-hardcore band Honoré, this subjective unknown is where humanity can be expressed in lyrics, where pain can be captured in melody, and passion in harmony, and where purpose can be set to rhythm. Taking the abstract fragments of being human and rearranging them into a mosaic of time and mystery, this six-piece is back with their latest single, “Watching the Earth Breathe.”

With its experimental arrangement, extreme musical range, and explosive energy, the single balances rhythms and textures that are both rooted in hardcore and infused with alternative metal. Soaring melodies drop deep into guttural screams, while the musical backdrop spans just as wide. From start to finish, “Watching the Earth Breathe” boasts a myriad of skills, all packaged in a raw, but poignant delivery.

“Initially conceptualizing the song, the band sat down and discussed time as a force and as a perceived measurement that gains and loses mystery in our lives,” says vocalist Craig Shumway. “Time ‘heals all wounds’ even as it pulls all life through the beautiful decay, and we are happy to be and to take our listeners along for the ride.”

Since the band’s start in 2018, Honoré has pushed the boundaries of genre and content with creativity and fervor, and their latest release is no exception. “Watching the Earth Breathe” is the second single off the band’s upcoming LP, The Human Experience, set to release June 25, and is now available everywhere.

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About Honoré:

Honoré is a creative organism, an expression, and an outlet of music and lyrics embodied by six humans. Formed in 2018, the Memphis-based collective finds its roots back in high school, woven together by the shared love of the harsh vocal styles found in emo, hardcore, alternative, and metal music. Friendship evolved into creative partnership, where they began forging sounds, poetry, and songs from the raw material of life that they missed and needed from the world. With a fresh and original take on a mid-2000’s nostalgic sound, Honoré is at pace to deliver as a heavyweight outfit in the freshman class of a niche genre. Learn more at


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