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Theody - 2021


Contact: Naø Lewandowski



FAYETTEVILLE, 11 June 2021 – Fueled by unyielding fortitude and relentless tenacity, hard rock outfit Theody has unleashed a new brand of righteous fury with their latest single and music video, “Tempest.”


Following the band’s last single release, “Skeptic,” Theody continues their vivid narrative with a cinematic depiction of the inner-struggles of worth, identity, and weathering the refining fires of doubt — all wrapped in a bold exterior that fans have never heard before.


“This song is special and personal to me — I was in a pretty low place, feeling misunderstood, unwanted, and ill-equipped for the roles I was in professionally,” said vocalist and songwriter Lauren Kinder. “There were a lot of lies in my head, and I knew I needed to be reminded of the truth about my value and authority.”


A perfect blend of driving production, dark progressions, a trudging groove, and a climbing chorus that bursts through the tension differently each time, “Tempest” leaves a mound of rubble in Theody’s path, left by the eruptive energy that comes through their in-your-face delivery.


“Tempest” is the band’s third single off their upcoming album, Smoke and Mirrors, set to release August 27. Learn more at


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About Theody:

Hailing from NW Arkansas, Theody started as a solo project for vocalist and songwriter, Lauren Kinder. Teaming up with her husband Charles and several friends, Kinder began performing live and picking up traction in the local and regional rock scene. As more opportunities arose, their growing fan base made it obvious that this was more than just a solo project. Chad Wunderle joined the group in 2016 contributing his unmistakable and passionate drumming style that has anchored Theody as they’ve developed their sound. Throughout multiple nation-wide tours, Theody has crafted an impressive live show and continues to crank out lyrics and melodies so catchy, you’ll be singing along in no time. This is not just another chart chaser; Theody brings energy with convicting voice to every project and concert.

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