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From the inner musings of Tyler Collins (Least of These), Bareheart started as a vision, a challenge, and a conviction to bare his heart in the thicket of tragedy.


Collins wrote his debut EP, In the Mo(u)rning... as a solo artist in 2018, and it wasn't until the summer of 2019 that his music took on a new name, as he took on a new purpose.

Putting a voice to the deconstruction of a marriage and the reconstruction of one's identity in just six tracks verges on impossible, but for an artist like Collins, it was the only way to make sense of his story and make beauty out of loss.

"The way that I write for Bareheart, and music in general, isn’t really like I’m writing a song," says Collins. "But it’s more like the songs are writing me."

That taste of reality helped shape his sound, with reverent, yet powerfully raw emotion that's reminiscent of Noah Gundersen and early City & Colour. In the Mo(u)rning... touches everything from the acoustic emo movement, to the minimalistic freedom of a singer-songwriter.


In the Mo(u)rning... was released June 5, 2020 via Honey Gold Records, and is now available on all major music platforms. It is the first of two EPs in a collective work that will showcase the full scope of a single experience.

With a simple goal—to build bridges across emotional chasms—Bareheart exists to understand humanity in its rawest form, and the journey is only just beginning.


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