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Every band has a story to tell. Noise Gate is here to help get that story into the right hands through boutique music marketing and PR services.


Media relations

Getting your music in the right hands through traditional PR campaigns, including online, print, TV, and broadcast media relations to support your upcoming tour, album, and more.


Brand storytelling

Helping you discover your unique voice online and connect with your fan base through customized web, email, and blog content.

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PR training

Noise Gate PR is currently designing courses and content that can help you build custom PR campaigns for every album, tour, and project. Consultations and speaking engagements also available to address the specific needs of your band, roster, school, or any group of creatives.


Artist support

Investing in your dream as a creative partner, emotional  supporter, and professional advocate. As an artist, YOU are the top priority. Artist support is included free of charge with any ongoing service. 


Band photography

Capturing your live show, staging a few promotional photos, or even taking some candid shots in the studio.


Web maintenance

Creating a website that tells your story and offers your fans a personal experience. Web maintenance services include minor development and web updates, as well as blog management and optimization.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about what Noise Gate PR can do for your music, get in touch and we'll customize these services to fit your needs,

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