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Chloie P. and The Scouts

To find musicians who take themselves seriously in their craft and not seriously at all in their presentation is rare...and somewhat questionable. But for Chloie P. and The Scouts, the vibe is everything, and these formally trained musicians are on a mission to give their budding fanbase a campy and whimsical vibe they'll never forget, while emotionally bludgeoning them with every new release.


Self-produced in Memphis, TN, Chloie P. and The Scouts have taken the MidSouth by storm with their trademark character and powerhouse songwriting.

With roots that span from punk and metal to gospel and alt-rock, the synthesis of skills and sentiment makes for an eclectic experience on either side of the stage — something the local scene has noticed and quickly rallied behind.

Throughout 2022, the band released a number of hard-hitting singles, including "Panic," "Wounded," "Haunted," and "Gaslight." And with every new single, The Scouts prove that if you give listeners a story to be a part of, they will meet you with fervor.

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The Scouts are:

Chloie Pennington (vocals)

Viktor Mendez (bass, production)

Kyle Wright (guitar)

Christian Nelson (guitar)

Jeremy Conner (drums)


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