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Contact: Naø Glover



HARTFORD, CT, 3 February 2023 – Hard rock forces DC Wolves and Sharp Object have released a collaboration EP, Warm Hands, Feral Tongues.

The EP includes tracks off DC Wolves’ latest full-length release, Predator, including “I Am Atomic” and “Giver of Life,” as well as two completely new tracks from Sharp Object. When it came to choosing songs to include on the EP, DC Wolves looked to their listeners and followed their guts.

“We chose ‘I Am Atomic’ in order to capitalize on its growing popularity. Giving the song its own spotlight feels right,” said frontman, Dan Cahill. “As for ‘Giver of Life,’ we felt it was a song that deserved more attention. It's a great way to close an album.”

Sharp Object—Daniel James Daponde (The Acacia Strain, Blood Has Been Shed) and Ryan Corrigan (Ferrous)—wrote two new songs for the release, “The Spotlight That You Shine on Your Own Good Intentions” and “True Beauty,” rounding out the collaboration with commanding riffs and vehement metal vocals.

"Writing is a cathartic process for me. I usually don’t sit down with any riffs in mind, and they come out without thinking about it too much,” said Daponde. “It takes a while to get to where I want to go sometimes, and I don’t use anything I’m not completely happy with at the time. Some riffs are actually ideas I had at the time I was in TAS but never materialized."

Corrigan adds: “I write everything in the form of soliloquy or free verse monologue before a song is even musically there. I like to keep everything as an open thought until I have the parameters of the song structure in front of me. Topically, it’s whatever happens to be on my mind at the time, whether it be current events or emotional thoughts."

Warm Hands, Feral Tongues is now available to stream or download. Stay tuned for a physical release later this year. Learn more and stay in touch at and


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About DC Wolves:

On the fringes of a main road in a small Connecticut town, self-built songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Dan Cahill spent endless hours hunting down every note he could play and every sound he could imagine. As years of playing in metal, rock, and shoegaze bands blended into routine, Cahill grew an appetite for both creative autonomy and synergistic collaboration. In 2016, he ventured out into the wilderness in search of a sound he could call his own, and a pack of original minds to bring it to life. It wasn’t until the next year that his music took shape and his solo project, DC Wolves rose to the surface. Three albums later, the band has garnered sonic prowess that only continues to mature with each release. 


About Sharp Object:

Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, Sharp Object was formed in 2020 during the height of the global pandemic. Born from anger and distaste for the state of the world, Daniel Daponde (The Acacia Strain, Blood Has Been Shed) and Ryan Corrigan (Ferrous) fused their influences together to create unapologetic ferocity through aggressive music with themes targeting everything from organized religion and cults to the country’s normalization of everyday violence, mental health, and the faults of humanity.

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