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MEMPHIS, 25 June 2021 Faithless are the ones who bid farewell when the pathway darkens.

Much like the sonic origins of post-hardcore music, Honoré ushers in the intensity and sharp edges of their roots in their latest full-length album, The Human Experience, and wraps it in the creative expression of new inspiration. With both gentleness and boldness, the Memphis-based rock force acknowledges the synchronicity of pain and healing, and the correlation between passion and purpose across eight poignant tracks.

There's gotta be more to this than live to die.

A visceral crash between intricate lyricism, melodic leads, emotional soundscapes, and traditional hardcore grit, Honoré’s new album guides listeners through every nuanced feeling that comes with being human — imperfect, fractured, and simultaneously made whole through the experience of breaking. Every tone, note, beat, and rest is a part of a labyrinth of sound that’s come to life.

Pick up your anchors, I don't need them around.
And we can work on healing ourselves now.

“There’s been some audible growth in the writing and production from the Ursus EP to The Human Experience, and I know we aim to deliver songs that are palpable, honest, and fun in this release,” said vocalist Craig Shumway. “These songs give our listeners a much deeper look into what we sound like, and our future songs will bloom from what we’ve established musically with this album. Working with Nathan Cloos was such an expanding thing for our sound altogether, I can’t speak enough about that guy and I hope others enjoy these songs as much as I did creating them with my friends.”

Since the band’s start in 2018, Honoré has pushed the boundaries of genre and content with creativity and fervor, and their latest release is no exception. The Human Experience is now available everywhere and can be streamed here.

So it seems that we all say, “I’m only human,”
But what’s the size of a soul? 






# # #

About Honoré:

Honoré is a creative organism, an expression, and an outlet of music and lyrics embodied by six humans. Formed in 2018, the Memphis-based collective finds its roots back in high school, woven together by the shared love of the harsh vocal styles found in emo, hardcore, alternative, and metal music. Friendship evolved into creative partnership, where they began forging sounds, poetry, and songs from the raw material of life that they missed and needed from the world. With a fresh and original take on a mid-2000’s nostalgic sound, Honoré is at pace to deliver as a heavyweight outfit in the freshman class of a niche genre. Learn more at

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