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Nœlani Rachel Min

Who is Noelani Rachel Min? "A very human human," the Atlanta-based poet/producer/songwriter confesses. For Noelani, art is more than expression; it is what holds humanity together. This philosophy and her unique musical style sets her apart from all the rest. Mixing an amalgamation of genres from spokenword, punk, and hip-hop to R&B, jazz, and alternative emo, Noelani is keen at crafting different elements into a new sound that captures her audience not just artistically, but also soulfully. She writes from the depths of her soul songs that face the depths of her humanity. At the heart of her music, Noelani wishes to inspire her listeners to not feel shame in dealing with emotions and pain.

"I’m hoping my songs will touch even one person in being comforted that we all feel a spectrum of emotions. Some days we're happy, some days we're hurt. Emotions are not wrong, they just need nurturing. I want my songs to create that safe place for people to nurture, process, and face what they’re feeling. It's hard to do it alone sometimes, so let’s be vulnerable together.”

This is the undertone of all of her music and is held strongly through her severely honest songwriting. Her provocative words are infused with poetry, witty wordplay, and jarring analogies that are matched by her intensely raw vocals, intricate guitar parts, and emotionally driven instrumentals. These all combine to create a vulnerability that is truly rare and revelatory.

Originally born and raised in west-side Hawaii, Noelani comes from a large family of ten. As the oldest girl, she was often responsible for taking care of her family. She started playing guitar at nine. After learning the basics from her brother and father, she began teaching herself chords and songs through books and Youtube videos. Noelani has been writing songs since age 4 and poetry since age 7. During her tween years, music and poetry became an escape from all the chaos and pressures around her, and she began writing as a form of survival. She still does.

In April of 2015 she was accepted into Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee. She enrolled into the songwriting and composition program and played for numerous local bands - the majority of them being metalcore and hard rock. Up until her Junior year, she also performed as a solo artist at local coffee shops, fundraisers, and annual events including St. Jude Memphis Marathon, Memphis Is Me, and The Edge Alley Party.

In 2018, Noelani had the opportunity of a lifetime to train full time as a boxer and pursue her dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete. She dropped out of school and moved back home to Hawaii. She competed that same year against over 3500 athletes nation-wide to secure a spot as one of 50 women who were invited to train and compete at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center in Season 2 of NBC's "The Next Olympic Hopeful." She won honorable mention as a second runner up in kayaking and moved to Gainesville, Georgia to continue her journey at the national training center there. Between juggling 3 different jobs and training 5-6 hours a day, Noelani continued writing, producing, and playing at open mics whenever she could find time.

After a serious injury shattered her ankle in February 2020, Noelani was forced to put her training on pause and was not able to begin rehab till 4 months later. She battled her depression by writing - again, her way of survival - and refocused her energies on finishing her debut double EP that had been in the works since summer of 2017.

Her first single ever, "O U T F E E L S," released October 10, 2020 represents her most current style and she continues writing in this signature sound for her official album which she hopes to release in the next couple years.

Part of that signature sound is Noelani's "Pidgin English." The avid artist maintains close ties to the "Aina"- the Hawaiian islands - and she desires to create a culture that is more full of empathy and "Aloha." Whether in sport or music, she promises to continue creating “safe places” for people to be real and raw, and works everyday on being more compassionate... even to herself.


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