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(noise)letter: The Final Word on Music Marketing Data

Wrapping up this little mini-series, I wanted to talk about what to do with your data once you have it...

We know that goals should drive the data you look at.

We know that data tells a story.

We know that finding the right data will really help move the needle for your music.

But what do you do once you have the numbers?

Think like a listener and start questioning your data.

I know how it sounds...But it's important to remember that you're analyzing your listeners' behavior. So, think like a listener! If your graphic video ad didn't get as much engagement as your music video ad, start asking why that could be. If you were a listener, what would you engage with the most? (Pro tip: music videos almost always perform better than graphic videos — go for the human element if you can.)

Pay attention to how long people watch your video ads as well. Some people may just not be into it, and that's okay. You want to focus your time, content, and future ad dollars on those who stick around for the majority of your video, because they're interested.

And the best part is, there are likely other people like them — so retarget them and use their behavior to find others like them! They're obviously interested in your music, and if you don't act on that, you could lose them or miss the opportunity to find more fans.

If you're tracking traffic on your website, look to see which pages have higher bounce rates. Think about what's on that page and ask, did they get what they needed, or did they get bored and leave? Look at which pages they start on, and where they go from there. That can help you determine how to improve your website to give people what they're after, all while influencing their journey through your brand.

If you're looking at your streaming numbers, ask why certain songs perform better. Why do certain songs get picked up for playlists? Is there anything in the data that can tell you who your audience is listening to, and how you can jump into that scene?

The stories your can tell and the insight you can pull is endless. Again, this takes time, practice, and patience, so don't worry if you hit a wall or two. Just keep digging.

The more you learn to understand what the data is saying, the more you'll be able to influence it.

That's all for this series. I hope it's been helpful, and if there's something else you want to learn about, don't be afraid to reply!

Have a safe and celebratory holiday weekend, and I'll be looking out for your next release.

To your success,

Naø 🖤

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