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Beyond the Grave: Interview - Weeping Hour

Jesus Freak Hideout: Indie Music Spotlight


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Weeping Hour

A culmination of They Will Fall and Courier, Weeping Hour brings to the table a dark, yet elegant take on progressive metalcore, blending thick, grooving riffs with orchestral interludes that support the harsh and poetic lyrical content.

Weeping Hour finds its roots in Monroe, Louisiana, where its members served as cornerstones to the vibrant underground music scene. True DIY champions, Weeping Hour have spent vital years reviving, building, and cultivating the music culture they wished to see in their hometown and beyond.

The band self-released their debut album, Hunger & Thirst, June 27, reaching No. 10 on the iTunes metal charts within the first week, as well as 15,000 streams. The themes and cinematic influences that drive the record from song to song bring the listener through a journey of acknowledging suffering for the sake of healing; a journey through death for the sake of life.

"We don’t say 'woe to those at ease' because we are living lives of selflessness and sacrifice and hope people follow in our footsteps," said lead vocalist, Ethan Prudhomme. "No, we proclaim that line as those who are slaves to comfort and ease ourselves, which keeps us from living the life Christ lived; one of suffering, cost, and yet an ultimate joy."

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