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What We Do In Secret

Between the dichotomies of life – aggression and peace, darkness and light, love and chaos – sits a dissonant space where the truth exists, for those who have the courage to find it. Positioned right in the middle of that dissonance is What We Do In Secret, a Memphis metalcore band that has leveraged aggression to find peace, explored darkness to find light, and committed to love in a world drenched in chaos.


Since its inception in 2012, What We Do In Secret has collected stories and wrestled with them on stage through unyielding, expressive songwriting, a loud and raw sonic backdrop, and a wild live show. Without shying away from issues that have the potential to divide and polarize a room, WWDIS leaves their mark on every space they play, sealed and delivered with relentless jump kicks and stage dives that create community in motion. Every song, every riff, every show and every encounter is part of a conversation about what it means to be human and what it means to be loved.

What We Do In Secret follows their previous EP, The Migration, with a full-length studio album, Repose, set to release November 22, via Facedown Records. Unafraid of sonic evolution, the band has extracted melodic space from album to album, while still holding true to their hard-hitting, guitar-driven sound, passionate delivery and poetic lyricism. Their music is both grounded and visceral, both confident and pleading, and both finished and incomplete – answered in full only by the total surrender of art for life.

Learn more via Facedown Records.


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