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Get Tucked Podcast: Ep. 17 featured band


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Some would say if you've lived a dream once, you've lived more than most. But there are some who are hungry for more of life, who never stop exploring the corners of human existence, who can't put the dream down just because it happened...

Least of These frontman, Jonny Gore is a self-described punk rock dad who refuses to ever let go of music. His latest project, WORDS, embodies love, reality, and the connective power of creativity. WORDS pushes new boundaries in songwriting, performance, and the intimate understanding of music.

With no commitment to any genre, Gore creates for the sake of creation. Each song sounds "like it's supposed to sound," dictated and composed completely by and for the art. The all-consuming commitment to uncovering music, rather than forcing it into any one space, paves the way for WORDS' massive sound and each song's relentless momentum.

WORDS' debut EP, Trees was released in October 2019 via Honey Gold Records, setting the stage for a musical philosophy that combines texture, emotion, dynamics, and innovation.


"The mood each track creates musically is most compelling," said HM Magazine. "There is particular intention in the way the vocals match each piece of Trees while telling a robust story that ends where it began. It wraps up its journey of self-discovery and existence by embracing the unknown and the endless differences we all share, bolstered with a confidence that someone out there has the answers. But, as for us trees, it’s not about the answers we find but the connections we create before the leaves fall."

The story is far from over. There is still life to be lived and an endless combination of melodies, rhythms, sounds, and WORDS to be discovered.


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