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(noise)letter: Adding to the Noise

I've been thinking for hours and hours about how to encourage, support, and breathe life into this industry with this week's (noise)letter. But I realized that when life stands still, all I can really do is listen.

So today, I'd like to share some of the great music that is taking place in the Noise Gate community. If you'd like to support the scene, give them a like or a follow and share their music with your own network.

"Progress" by WORDS

"The In Between" by Theody

"I Cried Wolf" by Those Who Wander

"Silhouette" by What We Do In Secret

"Outlier" by Weeping Hour

"Pieces" by Jason Lee McKinney Band

"Confession" by You The Few

If you have a new single, album, or music video you'd like to share, reply to this email and keep fighting for life to fuel the art. That's how we'll get through this.

To your wellness,

Naø 🖤

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