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Theody's New Album, 'Smoke and Mirrors,' Available Now

FAYETTEVILLE, 27 August 2021 – Nearly a decade into their journey from solo project to fervent rock force, THEODY is back with their most audacious album to date, Smoke and Mirrors.

Over the past year, Theody has released a collection of singles leading up to their new record, including “The In Between,” “Skeptic,” and both full-band and acoustic versions of “Tempest.” Each has stretched the band’s creative muscles and shown that the trio is not afraid to step outside the lines and push every boundary with their latest musical thesis.

“For me, Smoke And Mirrors is a huge step lyrically. I’ve written vulnerably before, but I really took time to think through how to best express myself with these songs,” said vocalist and songwriter Lauren Kinder. “I’ve had to work through some uncomfortable and unattractive heart issues recently. Anger, bitterness, self-image, lack of confidence, self-pity, and unforgiveness to name a few. I wanted these songs to acknowledge where I was mentally and emotionally as I wrote them, yet still be singable as I find growth and healing, so I chose my words carefully and intentionally.”

She continued: “Musically, this record has a new level of intensity thanks to our producer/co-writer Tyler Simpson. He did a crazy good job of making the music actually sound like the lyrics. I also love that Chad took on a bigger role in the creation of this record than previously. He had great ideas for details to help make the music come alive!”

Smoke and Mirrors is the band’s second full-length release and is now available on all major music platforms. Theody will also be performing songs from the record at Nehemiah Fest Saturday, September 18. Learn more at

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About Theody:

Hailing from NW Arkansas, Theody started as a solo project for vocalist and songwriter, Lauren Kinder. Teaming up with her husband Charles and several friends, Kinder began performing live and picking up traction in the local and regional rock scene. As more opportunities arose, their growing fan base made it obvious that this was more than just a solo project. Chad Wunderle joined the group in 2016 contributing his unmistakable and passionate drumming style that has anchored Theody as they’ve developed their sound. Throughout multiple nation-wide tours, Theody has crafted an impressive live show and continues to crank out lyrics and melodies so catchy, you’ll be singing along in no time. This is not just another chart chaser; Theody brings energy with convicting voice to every project and concert.


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