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(noise)letter: How to Leverage Data for Your Music

In a technology-driven industry...Data. Is. Everything.

To have a successful release and an impactful music career in the digital age, you have to leverage every ounce of data you can get your hands on.

But that means absolutely nothing until you know how to get that data and what to make of it. Over the next few (noise)letters, we're going to break down this idea, so hang in there with me...

The first thing you need to know about a data-driven music marketing strategy is this:

Data means nothing if it doesn't serve a purpose.

Vanity metrics like followers and impressions don't mean much unless there is a purpose and process in place to use them strategically. In order to experience and foster growth for your brand, your data must have a purpose.

So, what is that purpose?

It's different for everyone. You have to decide what your goals are as an artist, starting with your bottom line: where do you want your music journey to have taken you by the end of the road?

  • Maybe you want a packed tour schedule, a record deal, and a full-blown career that pays all your bills.

  • Maybe you're happy with the idea of packing a room with a constant stream of new fans.

  • Maybe you just want to be able to record and release music consistently and proficiently.

  • Maybe you want to make friends and find a community in the online DIY music scene.

The more clearly you can define your bottom line, the better. From there, you can determine more strategic goals that can help you impact that bottom line.

There's a method that's been around for decades that was introduced by a revolutionary business management consultant. Over the years, the S.M.A.R.T. method has been used for for setting goals in both personal and professional settings.

Here's the breakdown:

  • S - Specific

  • M - Measurable

  • A - Achievable

  • R - Relevant

  • T - Time-bound

If you'd like to start setting goals for yourself as an artist, make sure they fit this criteria. Instead of "get more followers," dig deeper and refine your goal. Maybe it's to grow your audience on a certain platform (specific & relevant) by 10% (measurable & achievable) by the end of the year (time-bound).

As you start to dig into your goals, always remember the WHY. Ask yourself: how are they serving that bottom line?

From there, you'll be able to understand exactly what kind of data you'll need to take the next step.

To be continued...

Naø 🖤

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