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(noise)letter: Make the #Last90Days Count

We're in the home stretch of 2019 – uh, what? I can't believe it. I've been seeing #Last90Days posts all over my feed, and it's got me thinking...

This is the time of year I start to freak out, wondering if I've done enough to move the needle in all my projects. I start to look back and see what I've been able to do, what I still need to do, and what can wait until next year.

When 2019 started, what did you hope to accomplish? Did you set out to release a new record? Did you set a goal to get a certain number of followers? Did you try writing a song a day? Did you just tell yourself that you'd be more intentional with your passion?

If you're like me, maybe you tend to set too many goals for yourself. Anyone else addicted to checking things off the list? ✋Sometimes it keeps me motivated, and other times it just sets me up for disappointment. I have to remind myself that all it takes to manage those expectations is a little organization, a big fat reality check, (maybe a cocktail), and a rock solid support system.

And if you need any of these things, just give me a shout. I got 'em in bulk.

Hopefully this year's been good to you. Hopefully you've been good to yourself. And hopefully, if you've struggled, you can look forward to finishing these last 90 days strong. 

Even when you feel like you're in last place, so far behind, and you start to compare your success with the people around you, remember, you owe it to yourselfyour band, your fans, and your musicto keep going.

I understand, some days it feels too far away, or too impossible, and some days, you're so sure that it's never going to happen and you might as well invest in something that can. If you feel like you're ready to be done, do me a favor and give it 90 more days. 90 days of intense, passionate, intentional work. It's amazing what can happen...

But here's the thing, you have to dig deeper than you ever have before. If you're willing to to that, then in 90 days, you could:Build a websiteStart engaging with your audience onlineWrite an albumRecord an albumBook a tourPlan for 2020SO much can happen in just 90 days. Let yourself dream, and let yourself take on that dream one day at a time. Whatever is left on your list can help guide your steps in 2020.

And finally, dear friend, don't let others' path dictate or define your growth. Your steps, your cadence, your honest journey is the best thing that you can offer your art.

To your success, Naø 🖤

P.S. If you want to get started now, I would love to cheer you on. Take a brave step today and share by replying to this email or forwarding to a friend.

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