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Why PR matters to your band

If a band makes the greatest record in history, but no one hears it, does it make any sound? Music PR is a tremendous tool that can help your band stand out from the rest.

But, what is music PR?

Music PR - Magazine

Think of PR as a bridge between your music and your fans. It could be a direct line of communication, like an email newsletter that you send out to your followers, or it could be a secondary form of communication, like landing a spot in a magazine or a blog. Public relations encompasses a wide scope of services and tactics. This includes anything from social media management to developing an attractive website. The idea behind PR is to get your product in front of the right people.

So, why is PR important to your band?

Without investing in any publicity efforts, either professionally or in-house, your band will miss out on countless opportunities to grow your fan base. A single album review in a magazine could get your music in front of an entirely new demographic. Securing one song on a Spotify playlist could turn you into the next chart topper.

Not only does PR help you gain fans, but it also helps your band gain opportunities to play. Music industry professionals are looking for bands that generate a buzz and build a following on their own. And the great part is, they don't always go for quantity, but they always go for quality. Good publicity tells record labels, venue owners, and other key players in the music industry that you are a worthy investment. If the media is talking about you, so will those who can get you on the right stage.

And with the world of technology growing every day, the different avenues you can leverage to promote your music are endless. This is both a benefit and a challenge for DIY bands.

How technology impacts your band's publicity

Podcasts. Playlists. Videos. Email. Social media. Radio. Broadcast. Print. Blogs. There are so many different ways to connect to people in our digital world, and that doesn't even account for the various channels that are available within each of those categories. This is great news for bands because they have the opportunity to reach new fans in every corner of the Internet.

This also means that your audience is being fed a lot more information than they used to. When the field opens up, more players can compete. This also means that your online presence has to be thorough enough to make a mark in the online arena. However, this doesn't have to be a bad thing. It simply means you have to get a little more creative with your approach. Luckily (see previous point), there are now so many options for creative content delivery.

Finding the right strategy

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to hire a music publicist right out of the gate. Many bands find a DIY strategy that works for them. It's all about your priorities, and what conveniences you're willing to invest in. A DIY approach may work for you, or you may want to leverage a publicist's extensive, curated contact list.

Whatever you decide to do, your PR strategy should be top-of-mind as you look to take your music to the next level. After all, once you've made the greatest record in history, it deserves to be heard.

If you would like to learn more about what a music publicist can do for your band, contact Noise Gate PR.


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