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(noise)letter: We're All On Content Overload 🤯

Can you believe it’s already February??? 😳

What have you done with the first month of 2020? What are you listening to? No really, I want to know…

This weekend, I spent some time going through some music that I haven’t listened to in a while.

I found so many great bands that I’ve had the chance to interview, review, or play with at one point in time. I also found some new artists to listen to. I even binged a true-crime podcast (and LOVED it), thanks to a very convincing friend.

If given the choice between podcasts and silence, I almost always choose silence. Sometimes, I wonder what it is about podcasts that overwhelm me, and I think it comes down to content overload. There’s so much information and entertainment out there; it can be amazing for learning, inspiring, motivating, etc. But it can also become pretty noisy. There are only 24 hours in a day, and I don’t know about you, but I have to be very intentional with my time if I want to get to everything.

I have to focus, fight my temptation to multi-task, and dig in 100%. If I don’t, I end up unhappy with everything I touch that day. Ultimately, that means I have to be selective about what “content” I consume.

So, what makes a podcast worth downloading? What makes a band worth listening to? What makes a Netflix original series truly original?

The truth is, there’s a huge pool of content in any industry that’s absolutely worthy of our attention. Technology is getting better. Music and film are becoming even more creative. Podcasts exist, when they didn’t 20 years ago. There are now 5 or 6 ways to consume the same piece of content. That’s insane...even a little ridiculous sometimes.

There’s so much power in the streaming era – power to share, to make, to access, to market, to mix media. And let’s be real, it’s GOOD stuff!

So in the end, if it’s not about how to make good music, it must be about how you share it.

Finding the method that works is extremely subjective. Your fans may live on YouTube. They may spend more time on Instagram, or they could be digging through Spotify for the next great song.

It’s your job to find them and understand how they want to discover and consume content. And the beauty is, there’s no right or wrong way to do it! Sure, there are ways to find data and speed up the process, but in the end, you have to connect to your fans on a human level, find them where they hang out in the digital world, and give them what they want.

What they want may just be your music, in whatever form you choose. But if it’s something different, why wouldn’t you give them a song-by-song breakdown in podcast form? Why wouldn’t you play your songs acoustically and put them on YouTube? Why wouldn’t you give them a behind-the-scenes look into the studio on your IG story?

The way you do your craft is completely up to you. All I’m saying is, take advantage of your fans’ behavior online and get your music in front of them through their

preferred sources. Learn about people and you’ll be able to build a community you love together.

To your success, Naø 🖤

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In other news...


Theody has been working hard to get some new music out for the spring. If you haven’t, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get all the latest updates, and follow them on Spotify to hear their single, “The In Between” right when it drops February 25!

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